Many of The Office characters are dropping like flies off the show, but one prospective spinoff based on the beloved Dwight Shrute just got realer. So, jump on board or drown because this show is actually happening, with new characters and everything.

TV Line has uncovered some new details on The Farm, which will sneak peek as an episode of The Office‘s upcoming ninth season before going off on its own. The show is expected to officially debut in 2013.

In the show, The Shrute family inherits a large farm/bed-and-breakfast. But Dwight is unbelievably unable to run the thing on his own, so looks to his siblings for some help.

The Farm will introduce us to the whole Shrute clan including his young sister Fannie, older brother Jeb, nephew Cameron Whitman and uncle Heinrich Manheim.

Fannie’s described as an attractive, single-mother with an “ironic sense of humor and great heart.” She’s also a bit of a pseudo-intellectual lefty. Jeb’s the failure of the family. He breeds worms, hunts Bigfoot and grows pot. Basically the complete opposite of what Dwight is. Cameron is a 9-year-old boy who looks at Dwight as a sort of father figure. And finally, there’s the Nazi uncle Manheim, who threatens to kill Dwight in the very first episode. No word on Mose yet.

Based on all of these character descriptions, The Farm seems like it’ll work best as a cartoon series, no? The characters sound way too bizarre, even for Dwight’s standards.

What do you think? Are you looking forward to The Farm?