Drop Dead Diva is usually described (fairly accurately) as a Rom-Com. But this week, things took a turn for the dramatic when Jane handled the case of a Bhutanese woman being forced into marriage. Week after week, she takes on suits that range from fun to frivolous, but this one has implications beyond Jane’s life lessons.

The Players:

  • Director: Tim Matheson
  • Writer: Amy Engelberg and Wendy Engelberg
  • Cast: Brooke Elliott, Jackson Hurst, Kate Levering, April Bowlby, Josh Stamberg

Episode Title: “Happily Ever After”

Jane takes on the case of a Bhutanese woman who claims she’s being forced into a royal marriage. She also learns that Owen doesn’t believe in marriage. Ruh-roh! Score one for Grayson. On the B-side of the plot, a teacher at Parker’s son Eric’s school is fired for a porn career that ended before he ever entered the classroom and Kim smells witch hunt.

The Good:

  • Owen Hates Marriage: This season’s love triangle involves Jane’s dual options of Owen, the funny judge, and Grayson, the love of Deb’s life. So far, Owen has been winning this battle, but Grayson may move forward after Owen declares marriage an archaic practice. Later, discussions show that he isn’t just a typical commitment phobe. He has excellent reasons for thinking marriage is a silly idea.
  • Teri: Margaret Cho’s Teri is usually little more than a metaphorical wrench thrown into the plot, but in this episode, she puts her comic chops to work as Stacey’s head of marketing. When Stace objects to a Twitter rumor placing Taylor Lautner in the pakery, saying she wants to run her business with integrity, Teri is quick with the chuckle-inducing, “Integrity, that’s like another word for bankruptcy.’” Her demand for a title, President of Marketing is also pretty fab.
  • Googling Porn: When Eric’s teacher is fired for making porn videos (past-tense: he and his wife made videos before he started teaching), Eric asks if he can Google porn to find out what it means. Kids Google the darndest things.

The So-So:

  • Jane’s Case: As great as it is to see Jane taking on a truly serious case, it doesn’t have any pizazz. The arguments and research are a bit of a snooze and she seems less invested.

The Bad:

  • Owen Proposes: Really? After that great “marriage is archaic” moment that puts the fear of god into Jane, Owen pops the question? Way to lose some audience respect, O.
  • Jane Says Yes: Jane saying yes is a big blow to the “who will she choose” plot being teased. It also puts us in prime position for another big heartbreak at the alter moment, and we call “too soon” after Grayson’s failed wedding.


The serious case is a nice change of pace, but doesn’t work as well as the fun ones we’ve come to expect from Drop Dead Diva. Owen’s change of heart is sweet (if you like that sort of thing), but we fell for him for not being that typical Rom-Com guy. We’re hoping the proposal doesn’t bring a devastating and quick end to what was shaping up to be a fabulous triangle.

Rating: 6/10

Drop Dead Diva airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on Lifetime

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