This weekend was about counter-programming, but both Ted and Magic Mike opened bigger and stronger than many of the summer’s supposed blockbusters. Ted exceeded all expectations, as is a monster hit, which paves the way for more Seth MacFarlane movies. Timing is everything.

Film Weekend Per Screen Total
1 Ted
$54,100,000 $16,703 $54,100,000
2 Magic Mike $39,155,000 $13,363 $39,155,000
3 Brave $34,011,000 (-48.7%) $8,168 $131,685,000
4 Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Witness Protection $26,350,000 $12,193 $26,350,000
5 Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted $11,815,000 (-40.1%) $3,180 $180,012,000
6 Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter $6,000,000 (-63.2%) $1,930 $29,034,000
7 Prometheus $4,925,000 (-50.3%) $2,524 $118,262,000
8 Moonrise Kingdom $4,873,000 (+43.6%) $5,706 $18,406,000
9 Snow White and the Huntsman $4,405,000 (-45.5%) $1,885 $145,591,000
10 People Like Us $4,306,000 $2,095 $4,306,000

Ted did phenomenal business, which leads me to wonder why so many of us underestimated it. There are a couple of answers to that. Family Guy has a strong following, but after South Park absolutely destroyed it in a two episode arc, it’s rarely defended or considered. But MacFarlane has an audience, and so do Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis. The nominally transgressive teddy bear may have also roped people in for a comedy, and this looked way more appealing that something like That’s My Boy. It also felt new and different and this summer that’s a big something.

Less surprising was the success of Magic Mike, which was building, building, building interest over the last two weeks. Part of that is that Channing Tatum has officially become a movie star now. His lunky likeableness has translated to box office. We may also see these films play long, and benefit from the holiday week. And they may not act like typical blockbusters as there is the word of mouth factor. As I said on Thursday, Steven Soderbergh‘s biggest hit previous to this was Ocean Eleven, which did $183 Million. This could pass that.

Tyler Perry also played really strong, but it’s his signature character, and he’s got an audience. Likely this won’t pass $100 Million, but a good $80 is nothing to sneer at.

Brave tumbled a little more than is good for it (a 40% drop would have been better), but it should do strong over the next week, which means $200 Million shouldn’t be a problem, and Madagascar 3 should get over $200 as well, though that’s where it will putter out.

Ouch for Honest Abraham, which fell like a horror movie, and will likely be out of the top ten next weekend. Prometheus is also tumbling, and will likely get to a little over $130, which – as I said last week – is its unbelievable but reported budget. I doubt they’ll go forward with a sequel to that one. Moonrise Kingdom is the sleeper hit of the summer, though Beasts of the Southern Wild did really good in its limited run and could eventually challenge it. Regardless, Moonrise should play for a while, and a $50 Million total is likely.

Notably out of the top ten are That’s My Boy and Rock of Ages, which flopped, and The Avengers, which just crossed the $600 Million dollar mark.

Reality Check: So effing off. Ridiculously so. Oh well, when you’re dealing with non-blockbusters in a blockbuster season, they have their own chemistry.