We’re three weeks away from the release of The Dark Knight Rises, and we still don’t know that much about Catwoman, as played by Anne Hathaway. We do know that the Christopher Nolan film is one of the last hopes for a great movie this summer, and we can’t wait to see what he’s cooked up. But for a better look at the Cat, check out the latest TV spot.

Here she gets the focus, and we get the sense – as has been established before – that she and Christian Bale‘s Bruce Wayne/Batman have relationships with their masks on and off. We also get to see her flip around, so she must be capable in a fight. It’s hard to say if this (as advertising) is meant to make the film more appealing to female audiences, though when the last film made over a billion dollars worldwide, they probably don’t need to expand their audience – unless they really are chasing The Avengers tail.

And it will be interesting to see how close Dark Knight Rises can get to The Avenger‘s domestic and worldwide gross. Without Heath Ledger, they don’t have the zeitgeist, and without 3D (and with a two hour and forty five minute running time), there’s no way they can open to over $200 Million. Still, when all is said and done it could be close.

When do you plan to see The Dark Knight Rises?