Looking as if it blends a slew of modern ghost flicks—as /Film points out, it runs the gamut from The Orphanage, The Woman in Black, The Others, and The Devil’s Backbone—the new trailer for The Awakening is full of gothic creepiness as it spins a 1920s-era ghost story in a boys-only boarding school.  Check it out below.

In The Awakening, Rebecca Hall stars as Florence Cathcart, an author behind the book See through Ghosts.  Cathcart’s career has been dedicated to debunking the existence of ghosts and the supernatural and, as such, she is invited by Robert Mallory (Dominic West) to investigate the death and possible haunting of a young boy at the boarding school where he teaches.  Grieving over the recent death of her fiancé, Cathcart agrees, and all manner of spookery begins.  Dig in:

The Awakening initially premiered at the Toronto Film Festival in 2011, the film is now set to open on August 17th.  And while the basic premise is a fairly standard one—rigid skeptic visits an isolated/creepy environment full of dark secrets to investigate a death that may/may not be supernatural and in doing so encounters happenings that challenge the very core of his/her faith in the fact that ghosts do not exist—Hall and West are solid actors the trailer is pretty effective.

What do you thing—will The Awakening work?