When you hear that a classic and/or cult film franchise like the Mad Max series will be rebooted as an all-new trilogy, it’s sure to make you more than a little nervous.  Then you find out it’s in 3D, and you go even more nuts.  Then you find that the director, writer and creator of the original trilogy (George Miller) is returning to write and direct, and that the films will star Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron, and you begin to get excited.  Then you find out the films will be post-converted 3D, and your heart sinks one again.

That’s right—in a disheartening move, director George Miller has elected to direct Mad Max: Fury Road, the first installment of the new Mad Max trilogy, in 2D instead of the original 3D.  The film will then be post-converted to 3D during the post-production process.  And, as any sharp-eyed film viewer knows, post-conversion 3D, well, sucks.

The film, which just recently began filming in Nambia, was initially set to receive new 3D cameras and rigging “based on technology originally developed by Dalsa Corporation,” but that skepticism developed as to whether or not an untested system would be able to face down the rigors of an extensively stunt heavy production in the middle of a desert.

As such, the film is now being shot with the cheaper, more conventional Alexa Alexa digital cameras “as well as DSLR’s by Canon and Olympus,” according to /Film.

This is a tad troubling—most post-converted 3D films typically suffer from the conversion process, feeling as if a hackneyed gimmick has been inorganically wed to the film.  That said, Miller is an extremely technically proficient director, and will more than likely be shooting 2D but with 3D clearly in mind.  Fingers crossed, Max fans.

What do you think of the Mad Max: Fury Road news?