So far, this season of Burn Notice has been marked by questionable decisions. Fiona’s decision to go to jail, Michael’s disregard for his street smarts, and now Pearce’s need to track down her fiance’s murderer at the risk of her career. Thankfully, her problem snaps Michael back to reality (at least a little).

The Players:

  • Director: Nick Gomez
  • Writer: Ben Watkins
  • Cast: Jeffrey Donovan, Gabrielle Anwar, Bruce Campbell, Sharon Gless, Coby Bell

Episode Title: “Last Rites”

Pearce receives a voicemail from Anson revealing the identity of the man who killed her fiance. The baddie is Ahmed, and Pearce wants him gone! Since Michael knows pursuing this will likely lead to Pearce losing her job at the CIA, he decides to help. Ahmed is sitting pretty thanks to a drive full of information he’s feeding the agency. So Michael’s plan is simple: Get the drive, hand it over and let the CIA deal with Ahmed on their own.

The Good:

  • Playing Doctor: Michael and Pearce pull off one of Michael’s best plays yet. He poses as a CDC doctor and manages to convince a hospital administrator to turn over control of the quarantine ward to him. Of course, this is after they mildly poison Ahmed and convince him that he’s suffering from some House-worthy illness.
  • Nurse Maddie: During a sweep of Ahmed’s house, Maddie is charged with the task of putting a GPS on his son. He’s a smooth, club-hopping ladies man with a Magic Mike bod who gets pleasure of wearing a bulky, fake heart monitor. It’s important to make sure he doesn’t have the same fake disease as daddy dearest. When Maddie gets involved it’s because there’s no other option, but she’s always a treat.

The So-So:

  • Fi in Prison: Fiona’s prison plot is flat lining. This week, Fi is in search mode, trying to recruit another inmate to help her figure out who’s after her. Considering how well her last prison friendship ended, we’re not sure why she’s going this route, but Fi will be Fi. If the bore level in this episode is any indication of the excitement in the writers’ room, we think Fi will be sprung from the joint sooner than later.
  • Big Reunion: By the end of the episode, Michael finally gets his precious few moments with Fi, but instead of talking strategy, they take a stroll down memory lane to their first meeting. It was sweet, but is that really what Burn Notice is about? Do we really want to see the softer side of Fi?

The Bad:

  • Nate: Couldn’t Nate have just stayed married? He’s as boring as ever and twice as dim.
  • Pearce’s Vendetta: Pearce steals a page from the Bond Villain Handbook and relishes in the opportunity to rub her foe’s face in her master plan. She explained to Ahmed that even though the deadly virus was a hoax, his days of living free are done. This is something the CIA tests for and weeds candidates out based on. You’re better than this, Pearce.


“Last Rites” has high highs and low lows. The fake virus was great fun and Michael really plays it gleefully. But everything that surrounds it falls flat. Sam and Nate aren’t the plucky duo we’re supposed to see them as. Fiona flounders in prison and Pearce is disappointing as the revenge-seeking agent.

Rating: 5/10


Burn Notice airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on USA.

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