Tyler Perry has built a franchise out of his name. Every film he’s made has turned a profit, but it’s partly because they’re done on the cheap, and he knows he has a core fanbase. Later this year he’ll see if he can cross over into the mainstream with the action film Alex Cross, and now it looks like he wants to stretch even further by making a science fiction film.

This comes from Collider  – who found it in an interview with blackfilm – and there Perry notes his disappointment with Prometheus (and we’re with him there), and that he’s begun working on his own Sci-fi film.

It would be easy to make jokes, so.. .here goes: “In space, no one can hear Madea.”

Okay, joke made, many black artists have been inspired by Star Trek, which was one of the first shows, and first science fiction pieces to cast a black actress as a lead. That may have been what inspired Tyler Perry to be in J.J. Abrams first Trek film, while Eddie Murphy also wanted to be in a Trek film and – as the lore goes – the part of the marine biologist in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home was written for him (before the part became a love interest for Kirk). If this is a passion project, perhaps it could have greater appeal to non-Perry fans if he does it right, and we’d love to see what he comes up with – ironically or not.

What would you expect from a Tyler Perry Sci-Fi film?