Marvel continues to bask in the glory of The Avengers by reminding studios and producers of which comic book characters they don’t but should have the rights to. Alan Brewer and Steven Goldmann got the memo. Recently the two picked up the rights to The Human Fly, thus making it the latest superhero project in development (among hundreds of others).

There’s actually two Human Fly characters in the Marvel Universe – a villain and a hero. This one will be about the latter.

The Human Fly had a brief run of 19-issues during the ’70s. The character is described as a young man who was “severely injured during a car crash.” His skeleton is then rebuilt with steel, turning him into a stunt-crazy daredevil who performs at charity events for disabled kids. The character is actually based on daredevil rider/stuntman Rick Rojatt and marketed as a self-made superhero (traces of Kick-Ass). The Human Fly does have a brief encounter with Spidy, who confuses him for the villain. Do we smell a crossover?

Goldmann, who is best known for directing music videos, is set to direct, while Brewer and James Reach will produce. Paramount’s Eisenberg-Fisher Productions will act as executive producer.

Superhero movies have been around since the beginning of film, but it seems like now, studios are just trying too hard. The Human Fly doesn’t sound like a very appealing or popular character. Perhaps they should be commended for taking a risk, but wouldn’t it be better to develop projects with better, more interesting superheroes?

What do you think? Does The Human Fly have a chance of being a good superhero movie?

(Source: Comic Book Movie)