Ever wonder what it would be like to drop the MMA film Warrior, along with Rocky or any of its sequels, any film out of the ‘teacher with a heart of gold’ films, and King of Queens star Kevin James into a cinematic blender and see what hits the screen?  If the answer is inexplicably yes, have we got a trailer for you: Here Comes the Boom the story of a chemistry teacher (James) who becomes a bottom-rung MMA fighter who works his way through the circuit to raise money for his economically depressed high school.

Like the varied subject matter, it’s a tonally schizophrenic trailer, jumping from what feels like quirky indie comedy to a fish out of water story to an underdog sports story to inspirational teacher film.  It’s hard to tell which of these, if any, genres the film will fall into, or if the whole film will be covered with a sheen of Kevin James schtick—Paul Blart: Mall Cop, anyone?

Check out the trailer:

If all that wasn’t enough to make you nervous, you should probably know that the film was directed by Frank Coraci, the man behind a trilogy of Adam Sandler horrors (The Wedding Singer, Waterboy, and Click), as well as the Kevin James vehicle Zookeeper.  That said, the trailer has some charm; perhaps the film can rise above its pedigree.  Here Comes the Boom opens October 12.

What do you think—how does Here Comes the Boom look?

Source: /Film