An episode of Franklin and Bash is never complete without a party and girls in two-piece swimsuits. Thankfully, “For Those About To Rock” had all that and more. Last night, our charming lawyers took on a case featuring a rock n’ roll love triangle. Jared went up against his father, Franklin Sr., and made no attempt to hide his unresolved daddy issues.

The Players:

Episode Title: “For Those About To Rock”

Jared has to be a small claims court judge in order to get rid of a citation. He rules to shut down an iconic rock n’ roll club that upsets a lot of music fans. Peter decides to help him redeem his ruling by defending the club owner in court. Meanwhile, Infeld tries to clear his spiritual adviser of a fraud charge.

The Good:

  • Pindar: Pindar is quickly becoming our new favorite character. He’s completely transformed into a funnier, more confident guy. One of the great things about him is his bluntness. It never comes off as rude, just innocent and hilarious. He’s bringing the laughs. And we didn’t expect that from a character who was borderline annoying last season.
  • Judge Jared: The highlight of the show was watching Jared on the bench as a judge. From the moment he walked in wearing an over-sized black robe, we knew everything would be a joke. Surely enough, when the bailiff said, “Please rise for the honorable Judge Franklin,” he asked him to do it again so he could get a picture walking into the courtroom. Classic Franklin!

The Bad:

  • Rock n’ Roll Love Triangle: After Judge Franklin hands out the harsh ruling to the owners of Mazzani’s, he and Peter decide to fight for it. They go up against some new developers who want to destroy it and turn it into a mall. We then see the lawyers go through a bunch of memorabilia that conveniently allows them to figure out the case. Everything turns out to be one giant rock n’ roll triangle between both parties. The whole case felt easy and cheesy.
  • Daddy Issues: This is the second time Jared has gone up against his father in court. Once again, he makes it clear that he’s angry at his dad. Why? Well, we’re not quite sure about that. It has something to do with being a disappointment. He tells his father, “I enjoy disappointing you. I’m good at that.” But Jared is a successful lawyer at a successful law firm, so we’re not really buying it. We hope that their relationship is cleared up soon or just left out entirely.
  • Peter’s Girlfriend: Where is Peter’s cop girlfriend? We haven’t heard from her in weeks. Did we miss their breakup? Where is she?


Lately, the cases that Jared and Peter have taken on haven’t been too interesting. Their chemistry is still appealing, but the writers need to work on better plot lines. This show is at its best when it’s outrageous. We need more of that. Pindi has been the only one offering any good jokes, and he can’t carry the show alone. He’s not even the star. C’mon!

Rating: 5.5/10

Franklin and Bash airs every Tuesday night at 10 p.m. on TNT!

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