Three actors have now been cast for Cabin Fever: Patient Zero -  the first of two planned sequels to Eli Roth’s 2002 horror flick – including Goonies, Lord of the Rings and Toy Soldiers star, Sean Astin. He’ll be joined by Brando Eaton (Dexter) and Ben Hollingsworth (The Joneses) in the viral outbreak horror film, with filming scheduled to start August 13.

It’s the first news of the sequel in a few months, when it was announced Kaare Andrews would be directing from a script by Jake Wade Hall – and now interest in the project has certainly been piqued. Andrews is best known for his comic book work, such as The Incredible Hulk and Ultimate X-Men, but turned to films and has a slot in Drafthouse Films’ upcoming The ABC’s of Death.

According to Variety, Patient Zero is about “a bachelor party cruise in the Caribbean unexpectedly running ashore on a medical research island, a deadly virus is unleashed” and filming will take place in the Dominican Republic.

Of course, Eaton and Hollingsworth are both recognizable faces, however Astin is a household name. Yet, despite being the star of some of the most beloved films of this generation, he’s very rarely at the center of any major Hollywood productions – but when given the extra screen time, such as in 50 First Dates, he proves he really knows what he’s doing. So, what’s the deal? Cabin Fever: Patient Zero sees Astin continuing the trend of doing smaller films and it begs a couple questions: Do Hollywood casting agents think he’s set for only one type? Does Astin not want bigger roles, or is he just not getting them? It’s arguable that his talents could be utilized so more.

If all goes to plan, a second Cabin Fever film, Cabin Fever: Outbreak, will come out soon after, making it the third in the franchise.

Are you looking forward to Astin in Cabin Fever: Outbreak?

Source: /Film