Let’s start with the movie’s tag line:  “Don’t Ever Cross… Alex Cross.”  When that’s the best a film can come up with, you know you’re in trouble.  Further, when the film is a reboot of the Alex Cross franchise (Kiss the Girls, Along Came a Spider) that replaces Morgan Freeman with Tyler Perry (a.k.a., the guy who writes, directs, and stars in the terrible Madea films)… well, let’s just say you shouldn’t watch this trailer with high expectations.

Looking like a compendium of Really Dumb Modern Thriller Tropes, the trailer for Alex Cross features The Career Cop with the Reluctant Yet Supportive Wife vs. The Insane Yet Brilliant Serial Killer Super Criminal.  Then, of course, Matthew Fox’s bad guy goes after Alex Cross’ family, so he must then become The Cop Who Colors Outside The Lines Because This Time It’s Personal and engage in a Suspenseful Game of Cat And Mouse before an Improbably Violent and Elaborate Climax (which the trailer shows more than a little of).  It’s all pretty eyeroll-worthy stuff.  Check it out.

Frankly, the film looks more than a little ridiculous, and Tyler Perry doesn’t appear to be doing much to weigh the material down to a more realistic level the way Freeman (or original potential replacement Idris Elba) could have potentially done.

Alex Cross opens on October 19th.

What did you think of the trailer?

Source: /Film