If the films of summer 2012 have been marked by anything, it’s this—a massive oversaturation of marketing.  Teasers, trailers, teasers for the trailers, whole scenes, viral ads, photo collections, secret websites, behind the scenes clips, and multiple posters are now almost expected to be released in the weeks leading up to the release of any would-be blockbuster, as insecure studios feel the need to over-saturate the market in a desperate bid to bring in an audience.  One such case: The Amazing Spider-Man.

We’ve already seen a bevy of footage from the upcoming reboot of Marvel’s webslinger before its July 3rd release next month.  Just how much have we seen?  Well, roughly 20%, or 25 minutes of the 136 minute film.  How do we know this?  Because Vimeo user sleepyskunk has taken all of the released footage from The Amazing Spider-Man (including what appears to be a massive chunk from the climax) and edited it together in chronological fashion to make a 30-minute mini-movie version of The Amazing Spider-Man.

So does it work?  Actually, yes—it plays as a fairly coherent distillation of what we know The Amazing Spider-Man storyline to be.  But it also acts as an example of how ridiculous modern blockbuster marketing can be: releasing 25 minutes of a film before its release is simply unnecessary, right?

How much is too much?

Source: Cinema Blend