For those of you looking forward to A Good Day to Die Hard (a.k.a., Die Hard 5, a.k.a., Jesus Christ, Again?  Seriously, Guys, Enough), and, of course, there must be someone out there who is actually looking forward to it, today is your day.  After the bland and dull horrors of Live Free or Die Hard a few years ago, one could have safely assumed that the franchise was finally over.  But no—not only is A Good Day to Die Hard actually happening (and yes, that is the title), it’s even got a leaked, fan-shot behind-the-scenes video.

The just-released video is a recording of a film crew shooting A Good Day to Die Hard in Budapest.   Curious?  It features what appears to be a car chase, Bruce Willis in a makeup chair, splattered in blood, an explosion, Jai Courtney (portraying Jack McClane, John McClane’s son), and then a helicopter climax.

A Good Day to Die Hard is being directed by John Moore, and the film is set for a February 14, 2013 release date.  In it, inexplicably, John McClane busts his son out of a Russian jail and, as always, shoots some terrorists.  I know, I know, we’re rolling our eyes, too.

What do you think of the behind-the-scenes clips?

Source: Cinema Blend