Though Brave may not have had the critical consensus of Pixar films in the past – films that often have nearly 100% Rotten Tomato ratings – that wasn’t going to keep parents and children from one of the best brands in the business. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter didn’t pass the sniff test, but may be okay as a smaller gamble. Check out the weekend’s stats…

Film Weekend Per Screen Total
1 Brave
$66,739,000 $16,028 $66,739,000
2 Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted $20,200,000 (-40.7%) $5,153 $157,574,000
3 Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter $16,500,000 $5,309 $16,500,000
4 Prometheus $10,000,000 (-51.7%) $3,494 $108,547,000
5 Rock of Ages $8,000,000 (-44.6%) $2,305 $28,763,000
6 Snow White and the Huntsman $8,000,000 (-39.7%) $2,741 $137,100,000
7 That’s My Boy $7,900,000 (-41.3%) $2,607 $28,180,000
8 The Avengers $7,040,000 (-20.9%) $3,157 $598,300,000
9 MIB 3 $5,600,000 (-41.3%) $2,275 $163,339,000
10 Seeking a Friend for the End of the World $3,836,000 $2,361 $3,836,000

First thing to note is that sometime this week, The Avengers will cross the $600 Million dollar mark, which would make it one of three films to do so, and it will pass Titanic‘s original take as well (but fifteen years later and with 3D and Imax, so there’s that). There is no way to slice that as anything but fried gold. It’s amazing.

Brave did Pixar business. Audiences came out as they have in the past, the question is how long it plays. They’ve got until mid-July before they have any direct competition with an Ice Age sequel, and perhaps this will play a little different because it’s targeted more at girls than boys. Unless the bottom falls out it should be getting near or over $200 Million. For what was a troubled production, that’s great for everyone except Madagascar, which still did okay numbers. Its run is coming to an end, and – again – $200 is around the stopping point domestically. With strong international numbers, we’ll likely be seeing more from the Zoo/Circus gang.

Abe didn’t do great business, though it’s hard to say if it cut into Prometheus‘s numbers at all. The bottom should fall out next weekend, and that means a less than $50 Million domestic total. The film comes across as partly a one and done (though it offers the option of a sequel), so it will be all about international numbers for the film’s grand fate. But right now it looks like a high concept failure. And with such an American protagonist, you can’t count on foreign numbers. On the positive, action is the universal language.

Fox has come out with their supposed budget for Prometheus, which they’re now saying is $130 Million. Let’s call that what it is: a huge load of horse sh*t. Not only had they claimed the film cost $150 Million before, it’s likely that the film cost much more than that. But if we take them at their word, they just turned a profit worldwide. The film’s reception suggests that it’s not going to generate the sequel that the film hinted at. Alas.

There’s nothing good to say about Rock of Ages or That’s My Boy. Just complete misfires. It’s hard to say if Adam Sandler is in decline, or if it was just that the last two picture didn’t click with audiences. It happens. If Grown Ups 2 tanks, he’s got a real problem.

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World did modest business, qnd much less than they were hoping for with the star power they had. Things are about to get interesting, because Sony thinks The Amazing Spider-Man is going to do $125 for it’s opening near-week, and it’s possible they’re right. I don’t believe in slump talk, but we’ve seen some films crash hard. Next week offers mostly smaller movies, so we’ll see if anything hits before The Dark Knight Rises.

Reality Check: I went a little low on Brave, but otherwise, everything was in the ballpark. So I feel good about that.

What did you see this weekend?