This week, Casey Affleck landed his next project. He’ll be directing and writing the story of baseball player Josh Hamilton. The first photo of James Franco as Oz: The Great And Powerful hit the web. And actor Gary Oldman went on Jimmy Kimmel to politely ask famous athletes to stop acting. All that and more below.

  • Best Fan Made Movie Trailers: Fans love giving movie trailers their own spin. And sometimes those trailers end up being pretty darn good (or better than the ones release by the studios). Unreality Magazine gathered a list of Ten of the Best Fan Made Movie Trailers. Check that out.
  • Casey Affleck’s Next Film: Casey Affleck continues to follow his big brother’s footsteps. Deadline reports that he’ll be directing (and writing) his second feature about the life of baseball star Josh Hamilton, who rose “from the depths of an addiction to crack to become the American League’s most feared slugger.”
  • Tim Roth & David Cronenberg: Tim Roth just signed on to star on the TV series Knifeman, with filmmaker David Cronenberg set to serve as executive producer. According to Deadline, the show will center on John Tattersall (Roth), a radical, self-educated surgeon who will go to unorthodox lengths to uncover the secrets of the human body. Sounds a bit like Human Centipede, don’t you think? Cronenberg will direct the pilot.


  • Gary Oldman Against Actor Athletes: Gary Oldman has a request. He would like athletes to keep their talents on the court and off the screen. Jimmy Kimmel gave Oldman the chance to deliver his message. Check it out:

(via Slashfilm)


  • James Franco In A Top Hat: Bleeding Cool News posted the first promotional image for Sam Raimi‘s Oz: The Great And Powerful. It’s basically just a photo of James Franco looking like himself but with a top hat on his head. Check it out:

  • Pulp Covers: Below we have a cool collection of pulp covers by Timothy Anderson. He’s taken classics like The Matrix, Alien and Blade Runner and redesigned them into the style of pulp magazine and book covers. Check them out below:

(via The Curious Brain)

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