Johnny Depp has become something of a Hollywood bad omen of late—first, Dark Shadows tanked in the wake of The Avengers, and not even the man behind Jack Sparrow could save it.  Then, more news from the increasingly trouble Lone Ranger production broke, with stories of an out of control budget and an overly controlling director.  Now, The Thin Man—an adaptation of Dashiell Hammet’s detective novel of the same name—which was set to star Depp, has been pushed back by Warner Bros.

Initially, Depp was set to star, Rob Marshall (Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides) was to direct, and David Koepp (Jurassic Park) was set to write the script.  Then Marshall moved on to direct Into the Woods for Disney, leaving Warner Bros. to give The Thin Man (which they never officially gave the green light) the cold shoulder and delay the film.

It’s unfortunate news, as one would hope that the more serious, darker material—a private eye retires from the business and becomes the hard-drinking husband of a wealthy socialite until he is unwittingly drawn into a murder investigation—would have given Depp a chance to stretch beyond the schtick that has marked his post-Pirates work.

When and if The Thin Man will ever head into production remains to be seen.  Keep tuning back in for more news as it happens.

Would you watch Johnny Depp in The Thin Man?

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