After spending over a decade toiling in the near-extinction of development hell, it looks like Jurassic Park 4: The Unnecessary Sequel is finally going to happen, if only because it’s still a little too early to remake the first film but Universal still needs to wring some money from the property.  Thus, a decade-late sequel to a franchise that was never that great in the first place (sure, ok, the first film can be a fun nostalgia ride; but The Lost World and III are just atrocious).

Just last year, Thor scribe Mark Protosevich was working with Steven Spielberg to pitch ideas for a fourth film in which—once again—a bunch of humans say to themselves, “hey, you know what would be a good idea?  Let’s meddle with the very delicate balance of nature and hang out with some of the largest, smartest, and most dangerous predators that ever existed on Earth.

Turns out that Universal has become antsy and upped things a notch or two—Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver, the duo who wrote the surprisingly not-bad-despite-the-title Rise of the Planet of the Apes, have been hired by Universal to write Jurassic Park 4.

As has been reported for some time, Spielberg will not be directing Jurassic Park 4.  The famed directed also noted in 2011 that “hopefully we’ll make it in the next two or three years.”  So it appears that your long wait is finally over, JP fans.  Everybody else?  Well, at least it’s not a Transformers sequel, right?

Will you watch Jurassic Park 4?

Source: /Film