With Brave hitting theaters this Friday, it’s no surprise that Pixar has included a teaser for their next film Monsters University. But it’s their marketing strategy where they’ve failed. They’ve offered four teasers that all pretty much say and do the same thing. Check them out…

The teaser has James P. “Sulley” Sullivan (voiced by John Goodman) pulling a prank on Mike Wazoswki (Billy Crystal) that leads to the one-eyed creature becoming a disco ball. When Disney and Pixar announced they had four trailers,one would think there would be four different pranks happening in the college setting. Instead, there’s just a line reading change.

There’s a number of things to note with this: likely this won’t appear in the finished movie, or if it does it will be in another iteration – though it’s possible it could be the opening of the movie. That they couldn’t pick one line out of four (with none all that funny) is sad.

More than likely this decision was made to give four sites “Exclusive” trailers, but the end result is lacking. It looks like Brave is going to get a bit stomped on this weekend by critics, and Pixar’s run of being untouchable seems over. Now this shows them leading with the wrong foot forward. Anyway, here are all four teasers:

Which trailer do you like the best?