Franklin & Bash has a secret weapon, and it’s not the two charming leads. It’s the fabulous guest stars that flood the show week after week. In “Jango and Rossi,” comedian Seth Green appears as a doppelganger of Jared Franklin. And retired L.A. Laker Rick Fox pops up looking as dapper as ever.

The Players:

Episode Title: “Jango and Rossi”

Peter and Jared defend one of Infeld’s former wives against B-list versions of themselves (played by Seth Green and Eric Mabius). Meanwhile, Karp teams up with Pindar on a robbery case, and has to deal with his various eccentricities.

The Good:

  • Pindar and Damien: Pairing the agoraphobic guy with the pretentious, sarcastic lawyer was a brilliant idea. Pindar usually works best in small doses. He can be a bit too much sometimes. Also, the agoraphobic joke is wearing thin. But alongside Damien, Pindar is tolerable and, dare we say, enjoyable. Pindar tries hard to get Damien to accept him as a “dynamic” partner, but he’s shot down every time. “We’re not a duo of any kind,” Damien tells him. Eventually Pindi (as Jared and Peter call him) grows on him, and by the end of the episode they’re fist-bumping each other.
  • B-List Versions: Jango and Rossi pull the same types of stunts Jared and Peter do, but with less charisma. F and B can be imitated, but never outdone. Still, it was fun to see the guys go up against lawyers with the same kind of edge.
  • Guest Stars: One of the strengths of this show is its amazing guests stars. The people over at TNT headquarters must have an excellent talent booker. Kudos!
  • Favorite Quote: “Your honor, you can’t put Lulu in a county pen, she’s too pretty.”

The Bad:

  • Horny Stanton: Here’s a side to Stanton we hadn’t seen before – the horny one. Stanton’s ex-wife Evanthia Steele (Cybill Shepherd) shows up at Infeld Daniels. Her presence awakens the red-blooded man in Stanton and the two share a couple of very passionate make-out scenes. At some point, it’s hinted that Stanton feels guilty for divorcing Evanthia, not once, but twice. We can see the distress all over his face. Towards the end, it feels like he’s going to take another chance with her, but that doesn’t happen. Instead, their passionate storyline is dismissed with a silly cliché. This was a chance for the writers to explore the eccentric Stanton character. But unfortunately, they didn’t.


The stars of this episode weren’t Franklin and Bash, but rather Damien and Pindar. As for Jango and Rossi, they were fun opponents in court, but still no match for the originals.

Rating: 6.5/10

Franklin & Bash airs every Tuesday night at 10 p.m. on TNT!

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