Just one month out from the official release of The Dark Knight Rises, one thing fans weren’t expecting was a brand new full-length trailer for the film.  After all, we received what was supposed to be the “final” Dark Knight Rises trailer back in early May.  So, let’s just consider ourselves lucky, and bask in Nokia’s new trailer for The Dark Knight Rises, featuring as it does a bevy of new scenes and footage.

The new trailer offers up a slew of new scenes and blink or you’ll miss ‘em clips of Bane and Catwoman, as well as a Gotham without Batman (he’s been missing ever since the events of The Dark Knight).   There’s also the fairly major spoiler—we’re warning you now—that Bane, as he does in the comics, discovers that Batman is Bruce Wayne.  Check it out.

The trailer definitely seems like it was created for a post-The Avengers world, as the clip is heavy on epic battle scenes as well as humor—while the first three Batman trailers all seemed to be about doom and finality, this trailer is all about action and a few laughs.  Does this mean someone at Warner Bros. is getting a little worried about The Dark Knight Rises’ chances, or simply wanting to show another side of the film?  Whatever the reason, at least we scored a new trailer.

What do you think of the new The Dark Knight Rises trailer?

Source: Batman News