Shock rocker and horror film director Rob Zombie has announced his next project. It seems he’ll be turning away from horror to make a “Rocky meets Boogie Nights” hockey film about the Philadelphia Flyers.

Deadline has reported that Zombie will write, direct and produce Broad Street Bullies, a film about the Philadelphia Flyers hockey team that evolved into a group that racked up victories and penalty minutes in equal measure during the 70s.

Zombie has acquired the rights to the team’s story and has the full support of the Flyers organization. Former Flyers player and team senior president Bobby Clarke is stoked about the news:

“The great Rob Zombie making a drama feature about the Broad Street Bullies is exciting and thrilling for all of us! I look forward to seeing it.”

The Flyers of the 70s were a team of hockey players famous for playing the supposedly unbeatable Soviet Union team of the time, known as the Red Army. The team played so violently that the Russians wanted to quit before the first period was over. The Flyers took that game 4-1, and declared themselves the champions.

The Flyers were also notorious for their rough style of play, and it’ll be interesting to see how Zombie adapts that unto the screen. It’s also nice to see him going outside the horror genre bubble and challenging himself as a director.

Zombie will also produce with Andy Gould, Les Borsai and Jeremy Platt. They are working on financing and hope to get this one running soon.

Currently, Zombie is in post-production of his genre film The Lord of Salem, which is set to drop later this year.

What do you think? Do you think Zombie should stick to the horror genre? Or do you think he’ll succeed outside that genre?