One of the year’s best films, Wes Anderson‘s Moonrise Kingdom is slowly expanding across the country. Which means that instead of being berated with new clips and TV spots and trailers, Anderson and his company have been making spin-off shorts about the movie. The latest stars Jason Schwartzman in a film about the film. Check it out…

In the short, originally posted by Funny or Die, we see Schwartzman’s character Cousin Ben screening Moonrise Kingdom for some of his scouts. What’s fascinating about this on a meta level is that then how does the film exist in the Moonrise Kingdom universe? Is it a documentary? Was it a play enacted by the troopers for fun? Schwartzman plays his character as he did in the movie, so perhaps it exists in a parallel universe. Anderson directed the short, and it’s a goof, but an interesting one.

The film is currently in a little less than 200 theaters, but it should be slowly hitting more markets across the summer. It’s been doing well in limited release, and could be this summer’s hit art film, like Woody Allen‘s Midnight in Paris was last year. For those who are sick of the rut that Anderson seems to have fallen into, making all his films about narcissists, this is definitely a different feel, and a gigantic step forward for the director. We loved it, even if this little short can’t convey that.

Has Moonrise opened in your area yet?