With the final instalment of the Twilight series hitting theaters in just a few months, it seems we may not be able to heave a sigh of relief (or in some cases, glittery tears) just yet.  As it turns out, we may not have had our fill of sparkly vampires after all, with rumors that Lionsgate is already considering a reboot of the franchise.

Well, the Twilight saga has grossed over $2 billion, with a huge amount of fans (and more than a few haters) along the way… but it does seem a little too out-there for Lionsgate to already be thinking of a reboot. Well, that’s what Bloody-Disgusting has reported: “They’re already discussing it internally. It will happen.”  The site has added that “It is still undecided exactly what the future of the franchise will be, though. It could be a direct remake… but then again it could also be a spin-off or maybe even a one-off sequel,” as we have previously reported.

Not sure if this is just wishful thinking, considering it also says: “Twilight will return. It will never leave. It is eternal. Prepare to weep for another decade.”  Yes, well…some of us may not be able to hold on for that long.

Lionsgate have so far denied the rumor after they were contacted by Deadline. Co-Chairman Rob Friedman responded with the following reply:  “We are not remaking Twilight. We will happily support Stephenie Meyer if she decides to proceed in any way. But this will be the last one unless that should change.”

Bloody-Disgusting did, however, predict such a result, and the article stated that the studio would  ”deny it, right here, right now. We’ll get plenty of eggs in our face. Sites will burn us at the stake like a witch during the Salem trials. Still, the fact will remain: it’s true.”  Hmmm. Seems like a time for getting our crystal balls out and predicting the future. Who do you believe?

How would you react to a Twilight reboot?

Source: ComingSoon

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