The season finale of Girls truly lived up to its mantra: “Living the dream. One mistake at a time.” Hannah, Marnie, Jessa and Shoshanna found themselves under the same roof with each other and boyfriends from the past and present. It was a recipe for disaster, but somehow, “She Did” managed to be a great conclusion to the show’s first season.

The Players:

  • Director: Lena Dunham
  • Writer: Lena Dunham
  • Cast: Lena Dunham, Jemima Kirke, Zosia Mamet, Allison Williams

Episode Title: “She Did”

Jessa brings everyone together for a “mystery party.” Hannah misjudges Adam’s commitment to their relationship, Marnie embraces her free-spirited side, and Shoshanna’s quirkiness impresses Ray.

The Good:

  • Surprise Wedding (SPOILERS!): As shocking as Jessa’s impromptu marriage to Thomas John (Chris O’Dowd), the creepy guy from episode 8, was, it made sense. She’s not overreacting to the advice her old boss gave her in “Leave Her Alone.” Instead, she’s just doing the same old thing. We could tell by the look on her face, while she said her vows, that the wedding’s just another impulsive act. It might seem like the “adult thing” to do, but it’s definitely going to come back and bite her in season two.
  • Things That Come Out of Adam’s Mouth (Part 1): Adam went from douche-bag to the most amazing and overly sensitive boyfriend, in a matter of seconds (it seems). The things that come out of his mouth are poetic and genius. After Hannah comes back from waving goodbye to Marnie (LC/Heidi style), she admits to feeling guilty about their friendship. “Don’t waste time on guilt, Hannah,” Adam says, “Holding on to toxic relationships is what keeps us from growing.” It’s things like these that make us forgive Adam for peeing on her.
  • Hannah’s Fear: Throughout the season, we’ve seen Hannah push everyone she cares about away – her parents, her best friend, her boyfriend. It’s like she feels that she doesn’t deserve their love. Adam finally drops the “L” word, and being who she is, Hannah reacts by not reacting. Just a few episodes ago, Hannah was whining about how Adam didn’t care about her. And now that she’s the “loved” person in the relationship, she doesn’t know how to deal. We totally understand. Love is petrifying. Hannah’s scared and she admits it. Had she said “I love you too” to Adam, we’d be worried because that’s not who she is. Hannah’s not done making mistakes or wrecking her relationships. She’s just beginning.
  • Free and Easy Marnie: We suspect that Jessa’s surprise wedding may have inspired Marnie to take a goofy risk. Instead of taking Charlie’s offer to have bathroom sex, she does something inspiring. She makes out with a silly online ordained priest (played brilliantly by SNL‘s Bobby Moynihan). We’ve spent most of this season hating Marnie for being so cruel to Charlie or too uptight about everything, but it seems like she’s slowly taking new risks.
  • Shoshanna and Ray: We think that both Shoshanna and Ray are two of the strangest people on this show, and we love them for that. In a quirky scene, Shoshanna finally loses her virginity… to Ray, who feels deserving of that power.

The So-So:

  • Things That Come Out of Adam’s Mouth (Part 2): Alright, so sometimes what Adam says is a little too much. His sentences are perfectly crafted nowadays. It just seems like everything he says belongs in one of those self-help books or in 1001 Inspirational Quotes. At one point he tells Hannah, “You think that because you’re what, 11-pounds overweight you know struggle?” Again, genius, but a little too poetic for a guy who never wears a shirt.


In the end, Hannah has her wedding cake and eats it too. We feel that this finale perfectly sets up season two. We’ve got Hannah on the outs with both her best friend and boyfriend. Then there’s Marnie who doesn’t have a plan. Jessa’s beginning a new chapter of her life and it’ll be interesting to see how she carries on as a housewife. And there’s Shoshanna, who started the season as a giant virgin and has now officially surrendered that virtue. With that, HBO’s Girls took a vow.

Rating: 9.5/10

The second season of Girls will premiere in 2013.

What did you think of the Girls finale?