Kim Kardashian returned in true villainous form on Sunday’s episode of Drop Dead Diva. But in “Freak Show,” Jane didn’t have time to deal with her, because she was too busy fighting a wrongful (but not so wrongful) termination suit and another enemy –  Owen’s sister!

The Players:

  • Director: John Murray
  • Writer: Rob Wright
  • Cast: Brooke Elliott, Jackson Hurst, Kate Levering, April Bowlby, Josh Stamberg

Episode Title: “Freak Show”

This week, two cases played out at Harrison Parker. Jane took on the case of Rita, the ex-employee of a Walmart-esque chain, who was fired for tackling a shoplifter. As it turns out, she’s also been bashing the store’s products and makes a supernatural claim that speaks to Jane personally. Meanwhile, Kim helps Owen’s sister void her prenuptial agreement with her software-guru husband. And last but not least, there’s the matter of Nikki, whose storyline finally comes to a head.

The Good:

  • Patty Duke: This week, Patty Duke guest starred as the eccentric Rita. Jane takes on her wrongful termination case, but the real connection comes through Rita’s claim that she’s actually Lauren, her sister who died in a car crash. Rita said Lauren’s soul ended up in her body, which accounts for her change in behavior. Even though, Guardian Angel Luke spoils the kindred spirit news, Jane loves hearing that she’s not alone in her freak show existence.
  • Nikki and the Pake Problem: Kim Kardashian’s guest stint has come to an end in the way we all expected: She skipped town with all of Stacey’s money. It would be a lot easier to feel sorry for Stace if Jane hadn’t told her, several times that this would happen. Still, Nikki was one of the only true villains Drop Dead Diva has ever had and her arc was genuine fun.
  • Eve, the Creepy Robot Woman: Kim’s case, a divorce in which she’s trying to void a pre-nup, involves the delightfully creepy Eve. She’s a computer/phone app that knows everything (like Siri, but instead of just a voice, there’s also a virtual body). Team Harrison Parker try to make the argument that the soon-to-be ex had an affair with the app. That doesn’t pan out, so a little more digging reveals that Eve was based, intellectually at least, on the wife and they conveniently get her half of the profits from the software. As always, a smart legal tactic, but the robot lady stole every scene she was in. Or maybe she was just hypnotizing us? She did seem a little evil.

The Bad:

  • Underused Luke: The whole point of sending Fred back to the pearly gates was so Luke could come in and shake things up for Jane. We were all for that, but this week, he was almost a glorified extra. Luke needs to get his feistiness back, stat!
  • Jane Has SO Many Enemies Wondering why Kim took on Owen’s sister case and not Jane? Because Owen’s sister Olivia hates Jane. Since Jane/Deb has never met this woman, the feud stems back to Old Jane. It turns out to be lingering college drama. Jane broke Olivia’s friend’s heart because she was a total cheater! For someone who was supposed to be a perpetual wallflower, Jane’s past sure has a lot of drama.


This week’s cases were both interesting, but not the best of the best. Kim’s divorce trial with Creepy Eve was far more compelling than Jane’s wrongful termination suit (even with a notable guest star like Patty Duke and a potential reveal about other return button people). The personal problems of the week, particularly the Nikki/Stacey storyline, really stole the show and deserved more attention.

Rating: 7/10

Drop Dead Diva airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on Lifetime

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