One of the best byproducts of Tim Burton having a busy year (he directed Dark Shadows, and produced Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter) is that the quirky director is having to do a ton of press.  And with that press comes more and more questions about the long-rumored Beetlejuice 2.  During his Dark Shadows junket, he cryptically noted that Lincoln writer Seth Grahame-Smith “is writing something. I just told him because I liked the character, I just thought I’d have a better response if he has ideas about it to just let him (work on it).”  And now, while doing press for Lincoln, Burton let just a bit more slip.

This time around, Burton simply noted that Beetlejuice is one of his favorite characters, so he needs to wait and see what Grahame-Smith comes up with first.  Which is refreshing—a director who is hesitant to pick the bones of a beloved classic.  Here’s hoping he’ll be careful.

In the meantime, Burton did note that he’d love to return to the world of Beetlejuice:

“Seth is writing something, so we’ll see. I love the character but I want to just kind of look at it from a fresh perspective and see what he comes up with. That’s like one of my favorite characters I’ve ever dealt with. (Michael) is one of the first people I worked with who was so good at improv. That movie, I was very lucky to work with a lot of actors, like him and Catherine O’Hara, who were very good at improv, so that kind of set me on a whole new course. I would love to revisit that character at some point.”

So there you have—a little more cryptic Beetlejuice 2 news to agonize over.

Sandworms—you hate them, too, right?

Source:  Coming Soon