These days it’s a problem for event movies not to have tie-in promotional possibilities. We saw it recently with Prometheus, which used Coors to sell the film even though it takes place in the future and no one drinks beer in the movie. So it’s a stretch that Linkin Park recorded a song for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, but that’s what end credits are for.

When you think about Lincoln the man, you probably don’t think about Linkin Park, but you can see how their names are similar. You can almost imagine that someone thought “Lincoln… Linkin!” The film is due out on Friday (June 22), and my guess is that it’s another in this summer’s long line of flops. Unfortunately that blow will not be cushioned by related promotional material. You can’t have Lincoln drive off in a Hyundai, or have him enjoy the food stylings of Burger King in a period film. Then again, he’s also a vampire hunter, so perhaps they time travel for some Dunkin Donuts.

Here’s the music video:

It’s hard to imagine this gets anyone excited for the film, though – we hope – that it will be big dumb fun, what with its crashing trains and ludicrous action sequences.

Do you think Abe is going to do well this weekend?