For a while the only news coming out of Quentin Tarantino‘s Django Unchained was how certain cast members kept dropping out. Jonah Hill, Sacha Baron Cohen, Kevin Costner and Kurt Russell were all in the mix at one point or another, but due to scheduling conflicts or so-called “scheduling conflicts” they all left the film. Well, now Jonah Hill’s back.

But it’s unknown what part he will play, according to Deadline Hollywood. Originally he was cast as a virginal fool who owned Django’s wife Broomhilda, but it appears he won’t be playing that role. Whether or not he’s just shooting a cameo like Michael Bacall did is unknown, but Tarantino’s smart enough not to cast someone that famous without something reasonably important to do.

Though the film isn’t due out until Christmas, the production is still in the midst of shooting, which means – though it’s not as if Tarantino uses much if any CGI – that making the 12/25 release date is going to be tight unless Hill is shooting in the next week or so. But the way that trailer cut together, we’re not really worried about much of anything when it comes to this project, so much as that we can’t wait to have it.

Are you stoked for Django Unchained?