It’s never safe for long on The Walking Dead, and now a certain character’s return is sure to shake things up even more, thanks to the release of unofficial set photos this week. Beware, spoilers ahead – you’ve been warned. Okay, ready?

After taking a peek at this photo (below), it’s safe to assume that Michael Rooker’s volatile Season One character Merle Dixon will be alive, well and truly back in The Walking Dead’s third season. His return will hopefully be something for us all to look forward to and should have us reaching for the popcorn come October when the hit AMC zombie series returns to our screens. Here’s just one of the (spoiler-heavy) shots from the Atlanta set featuring Merle:

It had been reported back in March that Merle would be returning to the show, but it hadn’t been revealed what sort of condition he would be in – whether he would be alive, a “walker” or just another of Daryl’s (Norman Reedus) hallucinations. But it seems he’s healthy enough, despite having lost his hand in the first series.

At this point it’s mere speculation but in these photos he could be in the Woodbury survival camp lead by David Morrissey’s The Governor, as thevan featured in another photo seems to be the same one spied in the background of last week’s first-look photo of The Governor. That would also explain where he got the help with his arm attachment/hand replacement.

But that’s not all– according to recent reports, Season Three will also bring some new faces, including fan favorite character Michonne, who first appeared as a mysterious cloaked figure at the end of Season Two.

The Walking Dead returns with Season 3 on AMC sometime in October. For more updates, watch this space.

Are you excited about Merle’s return – and will he be pissed about his hand?

Source: MovieWeb