As we inch ever closer to the July 20th release date of The Dark Knight Rises (and our inner fanboys continue to riot), we’ll take any bit of TDKR news that we can get our greedy hands on—including the dark, funereal soundtrack.  Or, rather, the first 30 seconds to every song on said soundtrack.

That’s right—Warner Bros. is now offering up a preview of every song on the just-announced soundtrack to The Dark Knight Rises, likely the most anticipated film of the year.  And though we’re only able to hear snippets, it’s enough to get a feel for the dark (no pun intended), even bleak tone of the film.  But, with song titles like “Nothing Out There,” “Despair,” “Fear Will Find You,” “Why Do We Fall?,” “Death By Exile,” and “Necessary Evil,” it wasn’t like anyone was expecting this to be an upbeat pop score, exactly.

The soundtrack itself will be released on July 17, three days before The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters on July 20, so that will give you a precious three days to try and wring whatever spoilers and tone that you possibly can out of the soundtrack before seeing the movie (because we can’t just, you know, actually wait for the movie to come out).

What do you think of the soundtrack samples?

Source: Batman News