When the academy gives a foreign actor a Best Acting Oscar, it’s just as often an invitation to come play in the studio pond.  So it’s no surprise that The Artist‘s Jean Dujardin is in talks to join Martin Scorsese‘s The Wolf of Wall Street.

This comes from Variety, and it would be a good role for Dujardin as he would be working with one of the most respected directors in the world. That’s always a good plan, period. It worked for Marion Cotillard, who won for La Vie en Rose and then worked with Michael Mann and Christopher Nolan.

The problem for Dujardin is that there’s a sense of a gimmick attached to his win. The Artist has evaporated from pop culture, and it was one of the least seen best picture winners of all time – the Academy loved it, but audiences didn’t care. In that way he can reintroduce himself to audiences who don’t know him for his light comedy with something slightly more serious. It sounds like he’ll be playing a villain, as Variety says that his character will be a suave Swiss banker involved in laundering illicit funds.

Dujardin already has a successful career in France, and so now the question for the actor becomes if he wants to toil in American films. We’ve seen some winners flame out (Roberto Begnini for one), and others prosper, and this would be the make or break film for his stateside career.

Did you see The Artist?