Earlier today, ScreenCrave spoke to That’s My Boy star Andy Samberg. He was promoting the film, in which he plays Adam Sandler‘s long-lost son. But we couldn’t let him go without asking about his new series, BBC Three’s Cuckoo. Following his seventh and final season on Saturday Night Live, Samberg is moving to the UK. In our interview, he explained why he’s crossing the pond and revealed some key points about his latest project.

It was recently announced that you’re going to star in a new TV series in the UK. Can you tell us a little about the show and who you’ll play?

Andy Samberg: The show is going to be shot in England for the BBC. And I’m shooting it in a couple weeks. It’s going to be really fun. Basically, I play kind of a burning man, backpacker guy who gets married very spontaneously to a British girl. Then we move in with her British parents in England, and I don’t get along with her dad very much.

Who are your co-stars?

Andy Samberg: It’s a couple of people from this show and a movie called The Inbetweeners [Greg Davies], which is very popular in England. Yeah, I’m really excited. I watched a bunch of it and they’re all really great.

UK shows typically have shorter seasons than U.S. productions. It’s like six to eight episodes compared to 22 or 24. Is that what attracted you to Cuckoo?

Andy Samberg: That definitely made it an easier decision to make commitment wise, because it’s only six episodes. But I also really like that format. They did that initially with shows like the original Office and that kind of thing. I think it’s cool that you’re able to do more contained stories that way. [To] kind of not have to spread anything too thin.

Cuckoo is produced by Ash Atalla, who previously worked on The IT Crowd, and the UK version of The Office. Aside from Samberg and Greg Davies, the cast also includes Helen Baxendale and Tamla Kari.

What do you think about Samberg’s new gig?