IMAX is the way of the future for blockbuster movies. There’s no way that The Avengers could have made $200 Million in its opening weekend without it (or 3D). As such,  today both Star Trek 2 and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire announced new IMAX developments.

Star Trek 2 will be presented in IMAX 3D when released next summer – May 17, 2013 to be exact, and as some of the sequences were shot with IMAX, there will be sections that expand the screen to fit the IMAX frame.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is still in pre-production, but it will not only have an IMAX release, but it will also have sequences shot in the format when its released November 22, 2013. These announcements both come from IMAX.

Over the last year we’ve seen movies big and small go for IMAX releases. For a number of reasons, but the core one is money. And though it used to be that only event films would go for that release, we’ve seen movies like Contagion also go big. And now that it’s a big money maker – and due to the limited screens – we’ve seen studio tentpoles like Avengers and Dark Shadows fight over who gets the screens when. After that weekend, studios want to avoid that sort of conflict as much as possible.

With both these announcements, it’s partly to get audiences excited, but more for other studios who will try to work around the scheduling of these releases. In a way, saying that you’re going Imax is similar to announcing your release date, it’s so every other studio can plan accordingly. But what this also means for the future is that both studios and theater owners are going to gear up to have more IMAX sized screens, because it usually means higher grosses for both. If this is just a trend or the way of the future is still unknown.

Do you like seeing movies in IMAX?