Yesterday, we reported to you that Sony’s in-development Venom spinoff will likely take place in the same fictional universe as the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man, with random crossovers and cameos, a la The Avengers with Iron Man, the Hulk, Thor and Captain America.  Now, it was leaked today that, originally, The Avengers was set to feature a Spider-Man crossover… one that may now take place in future, in The Avengers 2.

Latino Review recently spoke with Marvel executive Avi Arad and Columbia executive Matt Tolmach, who stated that there were plans to include the new Oscorp Tower (as featured in The Amazing Spider-Man) within the New York skyline featured in the climax of The Avengers.  The building, as designed by deceased production designer J. Michael Riva, was so impressive that both Disney and Columbia were willing to work in conjunction to allow the building to appear in The Avengers.

Unfortunately, however, the Manhattan skyline had already been rendered by the time the deal had been made, and there was not enough time to add Oscorp.  That said, the willingness of the opposing studios to share the various Marvel properties that they individually own is a promising one.  While you’re not likely to see Spidey (Sony/Columbia) web-slinging next to the Hulk (Disney), or the X-Men (Fox) slicing and dicing with Iron Man, this newfound cooperation between studios may be able to lend the films several small, fan-pleasing moments that acknowledge a shared Marvel universe.  Geek-out, ahoy!

Which Marvel character crossover would you like to see?

Source: First Showing