In light of The Avengers, studios seem to be putting all of their attention on the superhero genre. DC Comics and Warner Bros. are moving right ahead with their own assembly of Justice League superhero films. Now it seems Sony might also jump on board with a Spider-Man/Venom crossover.

Back in March, it was reported that Chronicle director Josh Trank was in talks to to helm the Venom movie (which once also involved Hunger Games director Gary Ross). It may seem that Sony is only taking this project seriously because of the financial success of Avengers, but Venom has been in the works since before Sam Raimi‘s Spider-Man films got rebooted.

This weekend, Hollywood got the chance to talk to Amazing Spider-Man producers Avi Arad and Matthew Tolmach. The producing pair suggested that the world of Amazing Spidey and Venom would exist in the same universe and be interwoven stories. They also gave a few details on the movie.

“It’s an Eddie Brock story. We want to be as close to the comics as possible. Especially in Eddie Brock’s story. But again, pseudo-science is becoming science. All these tidbits about webs, artificial webs, is a huge industry now. Spiderwebs have unique qualities that will be huge for communications, fibers, and so forth. So we have taken the approach that we want to make the huge amazing movie about Eddie.”

Arad and Tolmach also said that their Eddie Brock would be more grounded. They want to stay close to “the bible” and “emotional story”, but still have lots of fun.

It’s still a bit sketchy how these two producers plan to turn a movie that’ll center on a villain into a superhero blockbuster. Perhaps rumored director Josh Trank will give the story an interesting spin when the time comes.

What do you think?