True Blood’s fifth season premiered on Sunday night, somehow arising from the grave and lumbering back to life after the creative death of the series’ horrid fourth season.  To hype the wacky season that last night’s premiere promises, Showtime has just released a new trailer teasing the events to come in the new season.  And you may now feel free to use whatever “suck”-based pun you’d like to describe it, because this trailer about bloodsucking fiends is just, well, terrible.

Featuring a level of soap opera camp and cheesy, cheesy acting, the trailer features one cringe-worthy shot or one-liner after another as it lays out the plot for Season Five: Roman (features Law & Order: SVU’s Christopher Meloni) is the new big bad who leads the Vampire Authority to restore cold order to the chaos that he sees around him.  The Vampire Authority is named as it is because, apparently, “Hey, We’re The Undead Bad Guys—That’s Right, Vampire Bad Guys, Right Here!” was already taken by another organization.

True Blood airs on Showtime, and concerns our not too distant future, in which vampires and humans coexist, and the vamps survive on mass-produced synthetic blood so that we humans no longer serve as their cattle.

What did you think of the True Blood premiere?  How about the trailer?

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