After last week’s heart-wrenching premiere, Drop Dead Diva is back in fighting form. Sunday night, Jane battled her latest case of the week, while juggling her ever-complicated love life. “Home” also included the return of Kim Kardashian as Nikki, Jane’s nemesis in the making.

The Players:

  • Director: Dwight Little
  • Writer: Alex Taub
  • Cast: Brooke Elliott, Jackson Hurst, Kate Levering, April Bowlby, Josh Stamberg

Episode Title: “Home”

This week’s underdog is teenage billionaire Sam Forman (guest star Jake T. Austin), who made his fortune developing video games. Sam’s eager to travel to South America for a business trip, but his father won’t allow it. Therefore, he decides to sue his dad and later, file for emancipation. But this family squabble unearths a dark secret that changes everything. Meanwhile, Kim and Parker team-up to fight a wealthy business owner on behalf of her estranged father (guest star John Ratzenberger). Grayson’s still pining after Jane (as Deb), and Stacy joins forces with Nikki (guest star Kim Kardashian) for a business venture.

The Good:

  • Jane in her Element: There’s something great about seeing Jane work her legal voodoo. And she’s at her best with cases involving children or families and this one had both. Plus, it featured a solid guest appearance from former Wizards of Waverly Place star Jake T. Austin.
  • Kim Kardashian (Surprisingly…again): Oscar-worthy thespian she’s not, but as a fun Drop Dead Diva guest star, Kardashian works. In “Home,” her character Nikki continued her slow corruption of Stacy. The duo decided to go into the pie cake (pake) business together. And Nikki convinces Stacy to invest her life savings to open a shop (after Jane refuses to invest).
  • Grayson’s Deb Date: To prove Jane is Deb, Grayson lays a dastardly trap: He takes Jane to Deb’s favorite restaurant and has the pianist play her favorite sentimental song (“Unchained Melody”). If Jane cries, he reasons, she must be Deb. Although this logic is slightly more sound than the Pythonian assertion that if a woman weighs the same as a duck, she must be a witch, we’ll let it slide. After three seasons of pining from Jane’s side, this is completely refreshing.
  • Angel Luke: Luke, Jane’s new guardian angel, is a character you love no matter how much you should hate him. To get close to Jane, he bought her house and tricked Stacy into giving him access after Jane asserted her renter’s rights. He also sabotaged her “date” with Grayson by stealing Jane’s phone and inviting (via text) new beau Owen causing a third wheel set-up. Despite his actions, he’s so charming in his jerkiness that it works!

The Bad:

  • The Opening Credits: This is a bit nitpicky but the opening credits now say “and my guardian angel, Luke.” Why Fred, why? As great as Luke is for the plot and Jane’s personal growth, there’s still a Fred-shaped hole in Drop Dead Diva this season. He will be missed.
  • Case Resolution: While it was great to see Jane back in court, this case was wrapped up a little too neatly. After Jane and Sam filed for emancipation, it became apparent that Sam was technically kidnapped as a baby. His “dad” is a police officer who found him abandoned and after none of the official channels recovered the child, he decided to raise Sam as his own. Jane is able to wiggle him out of kidnapping charges by arguing that the statute of limitations to prosecute are up. This is due to his police pals knowing about the crime but never arresting him. Clever, Janey. Clever.
  • Kim’s Entire Family: Kim and Parker used to be two of the most engaging characters. Their romance was hot but since this ridiculous “We’re in love, but Kim is too stubborn to try again” storyline, they’ve fizzled. This week, Kim’s story was barely a blip on the radar. Maybe the case involving her dad, was supposed to show us her softer side. But it just chips away at the ruthlessness we fell in love with.


The season four premiere was a game-changer and one of the strongest episodes Diva has seen in a while. This week’s offering didn’t completely live up to the expectations set by the opener, but was a solid episode. It’s great to see Jane and company adjusting to their new group dynamic.

Rating: 7/10

Drop Dead Diva airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on Lifetime

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