Does anyone remember three weeks ago? That’s when Universal’s Battleship opened to $25 Million, on its way to a less than $70 Million domestic total. We guess not, because Sony is moving forward with Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison production company to produce a film about Tonka Trucks. Seriously.

Longtime Sandler cohort Fred Wolf is penning the script, and Wolf has been hilarious in his time – he wrote on Saturday Night Live for six years – but his film work has been lacking. From his screenplay for Black Sheep to Joe Dirt, to the recent Grown Ups movies, his best film writing is probably for the Norm MacDonald-starrer Dirty Work. Mostly he seems to be friends with Adam Sandler and that period’s SNL crew.

But basically, Hasbro, who’s seen a lot of revenue generated by the success of the Transformers movies, wants to keep chasing the film dragon because the last Transformers movie made a billion worldwide. My guess is that part of what makes it so great for them is that even if the films don’t do blockbuster business, the toys and products get a huge bump regardless. This looks like a chance to rip of Pixar, and do a Cars-type movie, as the game plan is to do it animated. Everything suggests then that Sandler and his crew would then do the voices. Kevin James will probably resent being called a dump truck.

This sucks, right?