This week, Joel McHale turned himself into an android. The Soup host spoofed the Prometheus viral ad in which Michael Fassbender‘s android David is introduced. Joel’s android is somewhat of an alcoholic though. We’ve also got a new hobby for you guys – it consists of paper dolls and the new hit show Girls. All that and more below.

  • Girls Paper Dolls:  Vulture‘s Kyle Hilton created a series of printable Girls paper dolls. It’s quite clever actually. Each character has their own set of party dresses, booze, crack pipes, etc. Unfortunately there’s no Adam paper doll (that would require no clothing by the way). So, let your imagination run rampant and create insane storylines. Then make little movies. Go check those out to get started.
  • Plane Crashes: The trailer for Denzel Washington‘s Flight hit the web earlier this week (it looks good, don’t you agree?) Well, Unreality Magazine put together a list of The Five Best Plane Crashes In Cinema. Go check out their list and see if you agree.
  • Celebrity Mimes: Unreality Magazine posted a photoshop gallery of celebrities as mimes. They’ve got Rihanna, Steve Carell, Sarah Jessica Parker and even Leonardo Di Caprio.
  • Back To The Future Behind-The-Scenes: Just the other day I was at Universal Studios taking the back lot tour when I came across one of the legendary settings in Back To The Future – the Courthouse Square. Well, Unreality Magazine posted a gallery featuring a ton of awesome behind-the-scenes photos of the Back To The Future trilogy. Check those out.


  • Joel McHale: McHale decided to parody that very odd viral video for Prometheus where Weyland Industries introduces Fassbender’s android David. The video is just as funny as the original. Just think of McHale, or “Joel”, as David’s drunk counterpart. [Note: The 'hungry hungry hippos' part is especially hilarious] Check it out:

That’s the end of our round-up. Keep checking back at ScreenCrave for more entertainment news and features.

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