The casting for Jose Padilha’s remake of  Robocop keeps pouring in. After Gary Oldman and Samuel L. Jackson joined the cast, it’s now looking like Abbie Cornish will be playing the wife of Alex Murphy (Joel Kinnaman), who is killed and then transformed into the half-man, half-machine and all cop.

If Cornish looks familiar but is hard to place, it’s likely because she’s had a number of roles in films that should have given her a shot at big-time stardom yet didn’t. From Sucker Punch to Stop Loss to Madonna‘s directorial debut W.E. to Ridley Scott‘s A Good Year, she’s been working in interesting movies that – for one reason or another – never quite clicked in the mainstream.

This comes from Deadline, and the casting for Robocop and some of the role descriptions make it sound like the film won’t be a scene for scene reconstruction of the original, and with Sam Jackson tapped to play a media tycoon, it may even have different targets of satire. When the original hit in 1987, it had a lot of cocaine jokes and references, but that wouldn’t be topical twenty-five years later. The Paul Verhoven film is one of the great films of the 1980′s, and one of the great film’s about the 1980′s, so we’re wary of this remake, but cautiously optimistic.

Would you buy that for a dollar?