After doing battle with a runaway train in Unstoppable, Denzel Washington’s continuing cinematic battle against large-scale modes of transport gone awry continues in Robert Zemeckis’ Flight.  In the film, Washington manages to land a crashing commercial airplane in a populated area.  Amidst a blaring soundtrack by The Rolling Stones, the wild Flight trailer cuts back and forth from the actual crash to the aftermath, in which Washington’s personal demons begin to publicly consume him.

It’s an exciting trailer—for one thing, it’s nice to see Zemeckis return from the world of motion capture and make a film that features human beings again.  Elsewhere, it’s always a pleasure to see Denzel Washington step away from his Man on Fire/ Déjà Vu/ Book of Eli action schlock and really act again; further, the trailer gives just enough away (without being wildly spoiler-ish) to let us into the basic premise: badass pilot lands a plane no other pilot could have landed and saves hundreds of lives, then it’s discovered he had alcohol in his system.

Then a hippie played by John Goodman shows up, which at least explains why he had a ponytail during his last appearance on Season Three of Community.  This really isn’t pertinent, but John Goodman flailing around with a ponytail should always be noted.  Check out the trailer:

Flight is set for a November 2 release.

Source: /Film