The original Fright Night director Tom Holland is set to make a new theatrical feature film after a 16-year break – and the good news is, he’ll be collaborating with bestselling author Stephen King. Fans will know Holland is no stranger to working with King, as the two collaborated back in the ‘90s with such King adaptations as the TV miniseries The Langoliers and the film Thinner. This time he’ll be adapting another of King’s short stories, The Ten O’Clock People.

The film is will be Holland’s first theatrical release (as a director) since Thinner came out in 1996 (the man of many talents has also had on his acting and writing hat recently), so it’ll be interesting to see what the director comes up with.

The Ten O’Clock people centers around Brandon Pearson, a man who is in the midst of trying to quit smoking – but he soon notices something isn’t right and quickly learns that a ton of high-ranking officials, the Vice President included, are actually inhuman monsters who need to be stopped.

Of course, King made it even more interesting–the only ones who can see the monsters for what they really are just so happen to be the people who are giving up cigarettes. They can only see the monsters thanks to a unique chemical imbalance in their bodies – clever, huh? These fellow quitters are nicknamed the “ten o’clock people” (as that’s the time they used to take a morning smoke break) and have to stand their ground against the intruders.

Holland has called the upcoming modernized version of the story “a paranoid suspense piece”, and it should be interesting to see how the story ties together and just how similar to the original it will be.

Filming for The Ten O’Clock People starts this summer, with an expected release sometime in 2013, and in the meantime, we’re waiting to hear who’ll be cast – stay tuned for more details.

Are you excited about Holland’s directorial return to the big screen?

Source: FirstShowing