Let’s get one thing straight. You should never, ever, under any circumstances attempt to do what Jared Franklin and Peter Bash do in a courtroom. You might end up dead — seriously. Last night, TNT’s hit series Franklin & Bash returned for its highly-anticipated second season. The show opened with a ridiculous courtroom stunt in which Franklin is seen floating inside a magician’s water tank. Oh, the lengths these two will go to win a case.

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The Players:

Episode Title: “Strange Brew”

Peter and Jared seek a partnership at Infeld Daniels by trying to sign a beverage-company big shot as a client.

The Good:

  • Superbowl Party Fun: When Franklin and Bash are offered a partnership at Infeld Daniels, their initial reaction is how much more lavish their Super Bowl parties will be. “Can you imagine the Superbowl Party with two TV’s?” Franklin says to Bash. It’s cute that their concern has nothing to do with the actual prestige of being partners at a major law firm, but rather the goodies they’ll get from that title.
  • Do The Right Thing: Once Franklin and Bash were two simple lawyers. They were working out of their home, and taking on petty car accident cases. Now they’re legal bigwigs being offered a partnership. But to become partners, they’ve got to swim with the sharks. Their ethics are tested once again. Will they fight for or against the little guy? It was shocking to see them go against their own principles. And we’re probably going to see a lot of that in episodes to come. The partnership changes everything. The boys just went from being Jim Jarmusch to Michael Bay.

The Bad:

  • Kevin Nealon: The great and hilarious Kevin Nealon was horribly underused. Here’s someone who can turn anything into a joke and yet here, he gets no laughs. There were so many missed opportunities. It would have made no difference if his character was played by some unknown actor.
  • Hannah Moves Over to the Dark Side: At the end of the episode, Hannah revealed some pretty shocking news. It turns out she only voted for Franklin and Bash’s partnership so it could be easier to remove them from the firm. Is this what this season is going to be like? Damien and Hannah plotting against the guys? That doesn’t sound too appealing. Also, when did she jump ship? She used to hate Damien and now, all of a sudden, she’s on his side. Did we miss something?

The Quotable:

  • “I know how to tip it in your favor. Muffins.”
  • “There’s another reason not to offer those two partnership. They’re idiots.”


This show’s biggest appeal is the bromance between Franklin and Bash. Everything else is just icing on the cake. The cases are fun and they help move things along, but their chemistry is the key.

Rating: 7/10

Franklin & Bash airs every Tuesday night at 10 PM on TNT!

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