We’ve been hearing about a Star Wars live-action show for a couple years now, and Rick McCallum recently talked it up. Though there’s not much new news, he suggests that they have fifty scripted hours, and plots that are like (here’s the money quote) “Deadwood in space.”

He also told Den of Geek that the problem currently is that television does not exist as it once did, and the budgets for these shows are likely too immense for them to made as currently envisoned. Between special effects and the dark tone, it sounds like they’d be gunning for HBO, but they’re reluctant to give up any control of the project.

If the prequels had one problem to single out (though fans can surely find more) it’s that George Lucas seemed to write them at the very last minute, and so the interwoven nature one would expect of a prequel didn’t come together as well as it could have. What’s exciting about what McCallum’s saying is that they’ve been working on this for three and a half years, so it’s likely the material has been worked out in a way that’s not as slapdash.

And though going dark is so The Dark Knight, perhaps a series that is as adult as its core fanbase is a good idea. But as Lucasfilm wants both control and a lot of money to produce the shows, it sounds like either television would have to change, or the show will likely not happen. At this point, both options are welcome.

How would you like to see Star Wars in the future?