Well, sort of.  At Sunday night’s MTV Movie Awards, there was a small skit about the preponderance of archery in the film’s of 2012.  In it, we saw a brief talking head segment from J.J. Abrams, and in the background, well, let’s just say there was a distinctively lumpy-headed person from Star Trek 2 in the background.

In what was a fairly subtle but clever way of marketing Star Trek 2, Abrams sits in front of a video monitor that just so happens to feature what appears to be a Klingon—it certainly matches the look of the Klingons that was featured in a Star Trek deleted scene.  And lest you think it was an unintentional slip, representatives for Star Trek 2, while noting that they were “reluctant to go on the record,” did state that “the appearance of the Klingon on the monitor was not an accident.”

It also appears that the Klingon is wearing the helmet that was featured in the same Star Trek deleted scene, leading to the questions—will we actually see the Klingon’s faces in Star Trek 2?  And will there be an explanation for why the Klingon’s in the original series looked like normal humans, and the ones from the later films had the forehead ridges?  And finally, who the hell is the bad guy?

What do you think about the Star Trek 2 news?

Source:  Cinema Blend