Anyone who was looking forward to seeing G.I. Joe: Retaliation this summer knows they have a lot of disappointment on their hands, as Paramount bumped the film from its June 29th release date to March 2013 (also, the fact that they were looking forward to the sequel at all raises some issues).   While the studio claims the move is due to a last minute decision for a 3D post-conversion, rumors abound that the film is a clunker and has been sent back for massive reshoots and edits, and Paramount is banking on pricier 3D tickets to up the box office.  Now, the film’s director has entered the fray.

Jon Chu has finally spoken out to G.I. Joe fansite (yes, they exist) General’s Joes (yes, they named it that), and attributes the delay solely to 3D post-conversion.  Despite the fact that the buzz has been that the film has earned several poor test screening and that Paramount was disappointed with the lack of Channing Tatum in the film, Chu insists in an unquoted email exchange that he and the studio simply want to craft new scenes that make the best use of 3D

While that is probably at least part of the truth, the fact that Paramount would pull an action sequel to a film that made over $300 million in 2009 seems to indicate that there are larger problems at play—most likely because the film is an absolute turkey and that the guy who directed Justin Bieber: Never Say Never probably shouldn’t have been trusted with a $125 million action film up against The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises.

What do you think of the Retaliation news?

Source: /Film