With The Dark Knight Rises hitting theaters next month, one might wonder what director Christopher Nolan has up his sleeve next. After seemingly giving up on a long-gestating Howard Hughes movie, could Nolan be setting his sights on directing a new James Bond film? Read on for more after the jump.

Nolan was one of the few directors who had expressed an interest in making a film about Hughes, even after Martin Scorseses The Aviator. And Warren Beatty went ahead and did just that (his latest offering focusing on the bizarre and extraordinary aviation mogul), whereas Nolan seems to have moved on, focusing his energies on other projects such as the Bruce Wayne character in The Dark Knight Rises.

The director even went so far as to tell Empire that Bruce Wayne became his Hughes, saying: “Luckily I managed to find another wealthy, quirky character who’s orphaned at a young age.”

Now it seems like Nolan has another classic, powerful figure in mind: James Bond. But is this one actually going to happen? Well, he has said he was serious about making a James Bond film, a desire he first voiced back in 2010. Could this now become a reality?

Let’s take a moment to speculate; The Dark Knight Rises is due to hit theaters next month, and is most likely going to prove another gigantic success for the director, and another impressive tally in his glittering career. So, it’s very possible that as of August 2012, Nolan may be able to do just about whatever he feels like. Unfortunately, that leaves us a little in the dark, as the director is famously tight-lipped.

Just how likely is a Nolan-directed Bond movie? It would seem Bond controllers EON Productions and director Nolan are an unlikely fit, as both have their own ways of doing things…  but, you never know.

Nolan has told Empire that he met with producers about Bond, but that any film with his name on it “would have to be the right situation and the right time in their cycle of things.” Considering how much Nolan likes total control, he may want to cast his own Bond. EON on the other hand, put a lot of effort into choosing and marketing their Bond, which could lead to a stumbling block, or even irreconcilable differences.

Do you think Nolan would make a good Bond director?

Source: /Film