Per his contract that apparently states he must have a role in every ongoing action franchise in existence (look for him to appear next as James Bond’s little brother Johnny Bond in A Quirkdom of Siblings), Jeremy Renner is the new face of the Bourne franchise.  After having already taken remarkably bland supporting roles in Thor, The Avengers, and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, Renner takes the lead in the latest Bourne sequel, The Bourne Legacy.

The film takes place after the events of The Bourne Ultimatum—the U.S. government, in reaction to Jason Bourne’s actions in the previous films, decides to wipe out all of their high-risk assassins and spies.  Renner stars as one such operative,  Aaron Cross/Kenneth Gidson, who is a member of Operation Outcome, described as being similar to Bourne’s Operation Treadstone, “but without the inconsistency.”  Which is the trailer’s way of saying, “this new guy’s just like the last badass, but, like, plus a kablillion more times badass.  Cool, right?”

So the hilarity and hi-jinks ensue as Renner must flee the government which has betrayed him by sticking him in the exact same plot that every single spy film ever has done (the good-guy superagent is betrayed by his/her own government, forcing him/her to go rogue and search for answers).  Rachel Weisz stars as the perquisite love interest/impossibly attractive scientist (two more spy movie mainstays), while Edward Norton plays the buttoned-down bureaucrat who’s also the bad guy (gosh, there’s a new one).

Check out the trailer via Apple Trailers:

The Bourne Legacy is set to hit theaters on August 3rd.

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